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Nylon Webbing

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From heavy-duty cargo to high-end crafting, if you need top-notch nylon webbing reach out and grab a hold of SGT KNOTS® Heavy Nylon Webbing.  Sold in bulk, you'll have all you need to lash down your inventory for shipping, build a custom-sized net for the back of your truck, construct collars, leashes, and leads for dogs, horses, cattle, and more this nylon won't make great stockings, but for anything more heavy-duty it's full of sheer possibility.

SGT KNOTS® Heavy Nylon Webbing is also available in a wide range of widths and strengths, so you can put them under as much stress as you need while keeping your webbing, tie-downs, and more as lightweight as possible.  From 1/2" webbing with a breaking strength of 1,750 lbs (working load of 580 lbs) to 2" webbing with a 5,500 lb breaking strength (1,850 lb working load), with 3/4", 1", and 1 1/2" in between.

  • Available Colors:  Black, Brown, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Forest Green, Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, White, Yellow
  • Available Diameters:  1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.5"
  • Available Lengths:  1 yd, 5 yds, 10 yds, 20 yds, 50 yds

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