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Nylon Alpha and Diver International Dive Flags

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SGT KNOTS nylon diver down flags satisfy global diving standards and are required by law when performing a diving operation in the vicinity of other vessels. We offer both the US and International versions of the flag, which every diving team should own if they plan on diving worldwide. Each flag is built with long-lasting, high-quality nylon for its resistance to UV and moisture degradation. Choose between a free flying version or our optional flag stiffener, which ensures the flag remains open and visible in all weather conditions.

Product Features:

  • Optional Flag Stiffener ensures visibility in all weather conditions.
  • Built with 100% high-quality nylon fibers.
  • Available in 3 sizes: 14" x 18",  20" x 24",  31" x 36".
  • US version (Red & White) and International version (Blue & White) available.