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Notch Rope Runner Pro - Multicender Rope Climbing Device

The Notch Rope Runner Pro is thoughtfully engineered and is the most advanced rope climbing device ever created. It is invented by Kevin Bingham, who used the lessons learned from thousands of arborist to set a new standard for how a climbing device should be operated.

The ergonomic design of the device allows a smooth operation, and quick and easy mid-line attachment. The curved steel bollards provide a broken-in feel on your first climb.

The Rope Runner Pro was designed to provide a better and improved operation during rope climbing.


  •  A multicender device that works easily with Single Rope Technique (SRT) and Double Rope Technique (DRT). It can carry a work load of up to 308lbs (140kg) and mostly used by arborist for tree work applications.
  •  Features a quick and easy attachment at mid-line without opening the pulley gate or any tasks associated of putting it on. It also comes with an integrated central tending point for attachment to a chest harness.
  •  The improved sealed ball bearing pulley provides smoother uptake and release. With multiple friction settings suited for any type of rope climbing peration, while the flattened 'bird' sections is for comfort when descending.
  •  The Rope Runner Pro is compatible with 11-13 mm rope diameter. It comes with an easy to pull and lock slic pins to hold the rope in place and makes the device become more solid and secure.
  •  Made of hot-forged aluminum and stainless steel known for their strength and durability. Comes with an internal spring keeping the device safe from dirt and debris and with proper use and storage the rope runner pro can last for a long time.


  • Rope Compatibility: 11 – 13mm
  • Working Load Limit: 308lbs (140kg)
  • Weight: 15oz (425g)