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Lashing Straps with Plastic Quick Release Buckle - 2 Pack

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Whether you need some simple but heavy-duty tie downs or want to make sure your camping / survival gear is top-of-the-line and ready to go, these polypropylene (poly) lashing straps are the most functional and affordable products around. The quick-release buckle is sturdy and dependable, yet undoes with a snap to make for easy access to everything you have lashed down, and the six (6) foot length makes them ideal for most loads. Secure a sleeping mat or bag to your pack, keep your gear bundled and easy to carry, use them to hold an impromptu shelter together, and so much more. These lashing straps are as versatile and reliable as they are lightweight and attractive. If they weren't the best tie downs around, they wouldn't be available from SGT KNOTS-a veteran-owned business.

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