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Lanex Friction (Cambium) Saver Anchor Sling

by Tendon

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The sling is made of polyester webbing of 3 lengths and is fitted with one larger and one smaller aluminium ring.

Anchoring sling designed as an anchoring device for delicate work in treetops. Aluminium rings (different ring diameters) allow you to easily and quickly create an anchor point on the tree from the ground. It is also suitable for industrial climbing as an anchoring device. Strength: 15 kN.

In tree surgery, this branch sling is used in conjunction with climbing rope to reduce frictional damage to the tree during climbing. To install a climbing rope, it is necessary to choose a fork that is passable and open. Once installed, ensure that both ends of the rope avoid branches and other obstacles and hang loosely to the ground.

Available in 80cm, 100cm, & 120cm