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Kevlar Sewing Thread

$ 36.88
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  • High strength military grade Kevlar sewing thread
  • Resistant to moisture, abrasion, aging, and high temperature
  • Size 30/3, sold in spools of 4 oz.
  • Has an initial break of 8.5 lbs.
  • Available in black, olive drab green, coyote brown and natural yellow
  • Made in the USA and backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee

When only the highest-strength thread will do, look no further than SGT KNOTS Kevlar® Sewing Thread. For leather working, securing a canvas, and any other application where you need a smooth stitch that will hold up to anything you and the weather come up with, Kevlar is the gold standard. It's what the military has been using for decades, and this Kevlar sewing thread is exactly what the fine folks in our armed services are using today.

The wilderness/survival/camping applications of this thread are virtually endless. Repair gear, stitch together a tent, set hunting traps, make fishing netsits high tensile strength, resistance to wear by moisture and abrasion, and ability to withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures means this Kevlar thread can help you catch your dinner and string it up over the fire, too. There's a reason this is frequently the thread of choice in military applications, and SGT KNOTS is proud to be bringing the same quality and affordability to the civilian population.

Each 4 oz spool of size 30/3 SGT KNOTS Kevlar Sewing Thread contains more than enough thread to handle any sudden situation. Available in black or natural yellow, this Kevlar thread is made right here in the USA. As with all products sold by SGT KNOTS Proud to be a veteran-owned companyyour Kevlar is 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee.

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