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Jute Twine

$ 9.95
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For many twine-intensive tasks, nature provides both the look and the durability you need. That's why SGT KNOTS® Jute Twine contains nothing but nature's best, unblemished and unprocessed. Whether you're using them in the garden, the warehouse, the workshop, or your crafting corner this jute delivers everything you could ask for without trying to get fancy.

SGT KNOTS® Jute Twine is made from 100% natural jute fibers, manufactured into twine using a process that keeps its natural strength and suppleness perfectly intact. This gives you a twine that remains flexible and durable in practically all weather and conditions, even over periods of prolonged exposure. At the same time, jute is fully and safely biodegradable. You can even compost it when you're through.

Because this jute is all-natural and unadorned, color options are limited to, well, good old earthy brown. But that doesn't mean we don't offer variety! SGT KNOTS® Jute Twine is available in one roll of 285 feet, or in packs of 4 or 12. Get all the jute you need at a price we're pretty sure can't be beat. As with all things sold by SGT KNOTS®  this jute twine is 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee.

    • 100% all-natural high-quality jute twine
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and durable in most conditions
    • Great for garden tie downs, bundling, scrapbooking, and more
    • Strong, flexible, chemical-free, and completely biodegradable
    • 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee

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