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Teufelberger - HIPSTAR FLEX 11.5 x 7m - GN/BK/WH

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Teufelberger hipSTAR FLEX 11.5 mm x 7m - GN/BK/WH - Certified Lanyard System for Tree Climbing

 The hipSTAR FLEX is a multifunctional and certified lanyard that takes advantage of the “Hitch Climber System" for length adjustment. Rope lanyards are mostly used by an arborist to help hold their position. It also provides a second attachment point allowing the climber for an open range of motion.

Included in the lanyard system are the prusik, the DMM Pinto Pulley, and DMM carabiners. These tools ensure safe and smooth work positioning. Suited for tree climbing applications.


  • Multifunctional lanyard that is adjustable to various lengths and one-handed length adjustment is easily achieved when connected to side D’s and forward D’s.

  • It comes with a pintle pulley with a functional becket that provides a connection point thus creating a streamlined running rope configuration.

  • Connection to a central attachment point allows an open range of motion. This enables a climber to move freely and securely from side to side.

  • The stainless steel thimble provides additional anchoring options. It is a flexible and quite adaptable tool that can accommodate running rope.

  • The Ocean Vectran Loop can be taken by the climber to provide added friction to the system and prevents slack to accumulate in the lanyard.