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Electric Fence Tape w Stainless Steel Stands

Original price $ 29.95 - Original price $ 219.95
Original price
$ 29.95
$ 29.95 - $ 219.95
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Ideal to be used as an all-round fencing system, this electrical fencing Polytape from SGT Knots is the ideal choice for guarding livestock.  Made with combining plastic filaments with stainless-steel strands, this polytape electric fence is very durable and resistant to wear and tear thus elongating the life of the fence line.

A good conductor of electricity and highly resistant to corrosion, the metal used for strands does not allow wires to stretch or look sloppy over time increasing their lifespan.  The woven design of the polytape fence makes the wind pass through reducing the chances of wear and tear, abrasion.  Highly visible to all animals, the polytape electric fence is the prefect option to guard horses.  The fence tape needs to be charged either through an AC 110, DC battery, or solar charged.

Approximate Tensile Strength

  • 1/2" = 120 lbs
  • 1" = 150 lbs

Strand Count

  • 1/2"= 24
  • 1" = 48

Conductor Count

  • 1/2" = 5
  • 1" = 8