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Teufelberger FIMBLSAVER

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Teufelberger fImblSAVER - Cambium Saver with Steel Thimbles for Tree Climbing

The fimblSAVER is one of the smoothest friction savers on the market. The interesting design features several technological novelties developed by Teufelberger.

Friction savers are created to help reduce the friction for an easier climb on moving ropes. It also protects the tree and climbing rope from damage caused by the rope running over a limb.

Teufelberger fImblSAVER is the perfect tool for tree care operations on canopies.


  • Designed with 2 stainless steel thimbles (flmbl) to ensure the climbing rope will run smoothly during work in the canopy.
  • The fImblSAVER is easy to install from the ground and helps close the gap between multiSAVER and pulleySAVER.
  • It comes with a 10 cm long and tapering longitudinal seam that makes the cambium saver easy to pull.
  • When it comes to friction values, flmblSSAVER are slightly higher compared to pulleySAVER.
  • Features a 17 mm wide support surface that’s essential in protecting the bark. It also comes in 2 different lengths that are fully adjustable.


  • Available lengths: 1.25m and 2m
  • Diameter: 15 mm (11/32")
  • MBS: 4,000 daN (8,990 lbs)"