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Diamond Braid Nylon Rope - 5/16 in

$ 21.61
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SGT KNOTS® Nylon Diamond Braid Rope is the highest quality general purpose rope available. Nylon is flexible, lightweight and incredibly strong. These smooth synthetic fibers boast high resistance to rot, oil, gasoline, extreme weather, abrasion and most chemicals. Our nylon rope is ideal for any outdoor activity, such as boating, crafting, construction, and camping. Also known as Maypole Rope or Maypole Braid, this rope is commonly used as control lines on dinghies, keeping boats tied to docks, and securing cargo loads in truck beds. A must-have for every car, truck, backpack and gear collection. Made in the USA and of the highest quality materials available, this is one item to have on hand to be prepared from practically anything.

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