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Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread

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When you need a heavy-duty thread that can stand up to the elements from sunlight to rain, hot and cold, look no further than SGT KNOTS® Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread.  With a tensile strength comparable to nylon thread and excellent resistance to moisture, polyester's superior ability to withstand UV radiation makes it the ideal thread for outdoor applications where prolonged exposure to the sun is inevitable.

Made to the top standards of the US military, SGT KNOTS® Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread is a high-quality and affordable thread that won't let you down.  From fishing line to tent repairs, setting traps to stitching up clothing, there's a size and strength of polyester thread suited just for your needs.  This bonded polyester sewing thread can be helping you out around the house, in the great outdoors, in your garage science lab, or anywhere else you need it in no time at all!


  • Colors:  Black, White
  • Sizes of 16oz Spool:
    • #69, 11 lbs break strength, 6000 yds per spool;  26% max elongation
    • #92, 14.5 lbs break strength, 4500 yds per spool;  26% max elongation
    • #138, 21 lbs break strength, 3000 yds per spool;  26% max elongation
    • #207, 31 lbs break strength, 2100 yds per spool;  26% max elongation


  • Sticks at 440° to 445° Fahrenheit. Melts at 483° Fahrenheit.
  • Excellent resistance to bleaches and other oxidizing agents.  Generally insoluble except in some phenolic compounds.
  • Good resistance to most mineral acids.  Dissolve with partial decomposition in concentrated solutions of sulfuric acids.  Good resistance to weak alkalis. Moderate resistance to strong alkalis at room temperature.  Disintegrate in strong alkalis at boil.
  • Not weakened by mildew, excellent resistance to aging and abrasion.  Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes some strength loss.
  • Dyes used are disperse developed and cationic (for some types), with carrier or at high temperatures.

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