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Belt Webbing

$ 13.36
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    • polyester
    • High-strength 100% polyester seat belt webbing
    • Cargo straps, harnesses, canoe seats, climbing/obstacle courses
    • Approx. 6,000 lbs. breaking strength for heavy-duty use
    • 2" by 10', available in black, gray, and tan
    • Made in USA & backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee

Seat belt webbing has been keeping us safe and secure in our cars and trucks for decades. With approximately 6,000 lbs of tensile strength, there's no need to wonder why these polyester straps have been entrusted with our lives during high-speed travel. Its strength also makes seat belt webbing useful in a variety of other applications, and SGT KNOTS® Seat Belt Webbing is made from top-quality materials brought to you at an affordable price you can get all you need and use it anywhere and any time you need.

Cargo straps and tie-downs, climbing harnesses, seats for your canoe, backyard jungle gyms and obstacle courses, and of course seat belt replacement and repair when you need a flat (approx. .05 inches/1.2mm thick), high-strength strap, it doesn't get any better than polyester seat belt webbing. Lightweight for something so heavy-duty, it's easy to transport to wherever it's needed and easy to stitch, hot-glue, and even tie into place (as long as you know the right knots!).

SGT KNOTS® Seat Belt Webbing is 2 inches wide, and is sold in lengths of 10 feet, spooled for your convenience. Currently available in black, gray, and tan. As with all products sold by SGT KNOTS®proud to be a veteran-owned company this polyester seat belt webbing is 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee.

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