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ARMBURY Tast Pulley


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Armbury Tast Pulley is a light alloy, single pulley with fixed plates and brass bearings for a quick pulley system installation.  This pulley can be used with ropes up to 13mm in diameter and is suited for hauling and load deviations.

  • Armbury Tast Pulley:  13mm, 81g, 24kN major axis strength

    The Pulleys meet safety requirements relevant to European regulations as well as those of the UIAA  (International Mountaineering and Climbing Foundation).

    • High-Performance Climbing Equipment - The sid pulley size is 12mm, and weighs 79g with 30kN major axis strength. It is a small but powerful device that is used in tandem with rope, designed for hauling and rescue work.

    • Easy and Rapid Rope Installation - Single swing side pulley provides easy and rapid rope installation and removal. With upper eyelet designed to accommodate 2 carabiners. Suited to use for rock climbing, hauling, and rescue.

    • Made of Light Alloy, Mobile Plates & Brass Bearings - the light-alloy metal ensures maximum strength and durability. While the mobile plates and brass bearings are for hosting heavy loads and can fit a rope of up to 16mm in diameter.

    • Tested To Meet European Safety Requirements - Armbury seng pulley is safe to use. It has been tested and has met safety requirements relevant to European regulations as well as those of the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Foundation).

    • OUR BRAND ARMBURY is all about health, freedom, adventure, athleticism, and mental fortitude. Our team of expert climbers and professionals communicate with and translate users’ concepts into successful products with improvements in functionality. With our passion for climbing and the complexities of working at height and difficult access, we are able to support our customers by building reliable, high-quality products that meet the rigorous standards for safety assurance.