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Welcome to the web's five-star stop for cord, twine, rope, and related equipment and accessories!  From ropes for sailing to clips and key fobs, halter cords for horses to tarred bank line for fishing, customizable parachute cord bracelets and everything you need to make them, ranks are filled with the best quality materials at the best available prices.

We specialize in bulk materials essential to a number of industries, activities, and applications, and we also offer finished products that show off your practical side with a fashionable flair.  Military men and women looking to augment their gear, outdoors and sporting enthusiasts trying to track down the right equipment to get the job done, survivalists who know the tools that really matter should push come to shove-our roll call of satisfied customers is huge, but there's still room for you!

Parachute Cord:  Bulk, Bracelets, and More

Parachute cord is how got its start, and it's still our top seller.  Whether you're after the parachute cord bracelets that put us on the map or the cord and clips needed to make your own, we've got you covered.  Need parachute cord in bulk?  We sell more parachute cord than you can shake a stick at.  Choosy about color?  Our selection of paracord will keep your style intact no matter what the project.

We also carry cord locks, carabiners, paracord needles, paracord winders, and other add-ons to help you get the most out of your paracord.  You could probably make your own parachute using materials from (though we really don't recommend it).

Twine, Utility Cords, and All-Purpose Rope

From plain old jute twine to 950-lb test technora cord, colorful craft twine and solid manila ropes, our high quality product line doesn't end at parachute cords.  Whether you're setting sail or headin' out for happy trails, tying down a tarp or trying your hand at tug-of-war, we have the right spool right at our fingertips-and now you do, too!

Cables, Laces, Webbing, and the Rest

Searching for galvanized coated cables or "aircraft cable"?  Search no further than  Laces for your boots or your zero gravity chair?  Replace them with something SGT.KNOTS-approved, and they'll be as good as new.  Webbing for your truck bed or a backyard obstacle course?  SGT.KNOTS can help put you through your paces and get your cargo places.  We have it all, and more than we have the time to tell you about here.

Take a look at our product categories and you'll see how much we carry.  Every single item we sell is the best of its kind, or it wouldn't be on our site.  So when you have a need for all things rope, cord, and cable, give a salute to  You won't be sorry.