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    Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing

    Original price $ 5.95 - Original price $ 39.90
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    $ 5.95 - $ 39.90
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    SGT KNOTS Polypropylene webbing is a great economical webbing for arts and crafts that's also tough enough for utility use.  Polypropylene is perfe...

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    Original price $ 5.95 - Original price $ 39.90
    Original price
    $ 5.95 - $ 39.90
    $ 5.95 - $ 39.90
    Current price $ 5.95

Whether you need webbing for lawn chairs or belts, automobile safety, or parachuting, SGT KNOTS has the strong and durable webbing in the materials, strengths, lengths and widths best suited for your needs.  Shop SGT KNOTS today to get the perfect webbing for the job at prices our competitors can’t beat.

What is Webbing?

Webbing is a woven fabric made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials like hemp, cotton, linen, polypropylene, polyester, and nylon, and often includes high-strength materials like Kevlar and Dyneema.  These webbing fabrics are woven into looms to create webbing strips in either flat or tubular form.

Climbing Webbing

Climbing webbing is both lightweight and strong, with breaking strengths more than 10,000 pounds (44 kilonewtons) of force, making it a versatile component for climbing and slacklining tools like climbing slings, runners, harnesses, anchor extensions, and quickdraws.

You can also find the right webbing for furniture manufacturing (best suited for the seating area thanks to its strength and flexibility), automobile safety, cargo-tie downs auto racing, towing, parachuting, military apparel, load securing, and transportation worldwide.

The Difference Between Flat & Tubular Webbing

Flat webbing (also known as flat rope) refers to a solid weave as seen every day in seat belts, webbing for lawn chairs, and most backpack straps.  Tubular webbing consists of a flattened tube and is commonly used in climbing rope and industrial applications. 

Webbing Materials & Uses

Nylon Webbing

Available in multiple diameters, yard lengths, strengths, and colors, our flat Nylon Webbing is the versatile nylon webbing ideal for everything from high-end crafting to heavy-duty cargo and transportation.  Tubular Nylon Climbing Webbing, is an excellent webbing choice for safety and rescue workers, survivalists, and rock climbers who need climbing webbing that will hold up in any situation.

Polyester Webbing Products

Polyester Flat Rope is a heavy-duty polyester webbing option ideal for, well, anything. It is tightly woven polyester webbing is naturally resistant to moisture, chemicals, abrasions, and all-weather conditions, a great choice for tie-downs.  Our Detectable Woven Poly Pull Tape is a lightweight, abrasion-resistant, printed polyester flat rope available in three diameter thicknesses ideal for cabling, wiring, and electrical projects.

Polyester Belt Webbing has approximately 6,000lbs of tensile-strength and is most used as car and truck seat belts for decades.  It can also be used as a high-strength strap for climbing harnesses, canoe seats, jungle gyms, obstacle courses, cargo straps, and tie-downs.

Polypropylene Webbing

Though Polypropylene Webbing does not hold the same tensile-strength as nylon webbing, it does a much better job resisting acids, alkalis, oil, and grease than nylon webbing.   Polypropylene webbing also will not stretch or bleed when wet, making it a great economical webbing choice for arts, crafts, and utility use.  You can purchase SGT KNOTS polypropylene webbing in multiple diameters, colors, and yard lengths.

SGT KNOTS is your one-stop-shop for the high-quality, military-grade webbing rope, thread, twine, and cord products you need to get the job done right. Shop Today!