Braided Nylon Mason Line #18

$ 7.95

SGT KNOTS® Braided Nylon Mason Line #18 will help you take your next masonry project to the next level! Long-trusted by professional brick and stone layers for achieving smooth, straight lines, today's #18 mason line is stronger, better, and more versatile, lending itself to a variety of applications. Craft twine, a basic hunting and fishing line, an impromptu set of bootlaces—in any sort of pinch, this mason line is great to have on hand.

Made from 100% nylon, this braided line is virtually waterproof and can be relied on in any weather. It is also resistant to abrasion, meaning it can stand up to trowel scraped, bumpy bricks, and other stressors it might come up against while you work with it. Sun, oil, even acids and other chemicals have little to no effect on nylon's strength and durability. You can count on this braided mason line anytime, no matter what the need.

SGT KNOTS® Braided Nylon Mason Line #18 has a test strength of approximately 160lbs and comes on easy-to-store and easy-to-deploy spools of 250', 500', and 1000'. Currently available in white, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, and fluorescent yellow, this line is easy to spot when you need it and tucks away neatly when you don't. As with all products made and sold by SGT KNOTS®—proud to be a veteran-owned company—this #18 mason line is made right here in the USA and backed by the SGT KNOTS® Guarantee.

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