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When you want strong natural rope for use indoors or out, you come to SGT KNOTS. Here, you’ll find the high-quality, high tensile-strength Sisal rope and twine perfect for everything from Cat Tree Rope Repair to marine or lawn and garden applications.  Whether you need an eco-friendly Unoiled Sisal TwineTwisted Sisal Rope, or Manila Rope, SGT KNOTS is your one-stop-shop for quality rope and twine at unbeatable values.  Shop today!

What is Sisal?

Made from Agave Sisalana and designed tough by nature, Sisal fibers have been used to make natural rope and twine for decades.  Although the origin of the Agave Sisalana plant is unknown, many believe it to be native to Yucatan, and spread in the 19th century to Florida, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Brazil.  While the first commercial Sisal plantings were made in Brazil in the early 1930s, the first Sisal fibers were not exported until 1948, gaining popularity as a strong and reliable natural roping product still used today.

Sisal twine can withstand any weather, and when made into rope is a stiff, strong, and durable roping option capable of resisting salt water deterioration.  This low cost, high-tensile strength rope and twine will be your new go-to when you need the strong and reliable natural roping option for your next project.

Sisal Twine vs Jute

Although Sisal twine and rope look like Jute, they are two different natural materials. Jute is long, soft, fibers made from the plant materials cellulose and lignin. These long fibers are spun into threads smoother and softer than Sisal. Sisal, however, is the winner when it comes to durability and wear, handling wear and tear better than jute roping or twine.

SGT KNOTS Sisal Rope & Twine Products

SGT KNOTS Twisted Sisal Rope is the 100% biodegradable rope manufactured without chemical and oil treatments, making it an excellent natural rope for use with pets, livestock, food, marine-bound binding, tie-downs, and more. Enjoy our Twisted Sisal Rope in multiple diameters and lengths ranging from 10 to 500 feet.

Our eco-friendly Unoiled Sisal Twine is the 100% food safe, all-purpose sisal twine free from chemicals, dyes or foreign agents. This Sisal twine is perfect for butchers, food packaging, beer brewers, crafters, home decoration, gardening, and more! Our Unoiled Sisal Twine is available in lengths of either 100 or 800 feet, making it easy to get the twine you need in quantities that will last!

SGT KNOTS Crown Sisal Twine is the 100% compostable and biodegradable natural Sisal twine you need on hand for countless indoor and outdoor projects. This two-ply Sisal twine has double the strength as a regular twine, making it perfect for everything from tying cardboard boxes and recycling to crafting and bushcraft. The Crown Sisal Twine is available in single, 6, or 48-packs for when you need to buy in bulk!

Whether you’re a diehard DIYer or making hay while the sun shines, SGT KNOTS has the quality Sisal twine and jute products you need at prices our competitors cannot beat.  Shop today and discover the perfect rope products for every application, no matter what your mission.