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Dock Mate

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  • Veteran Owned & Operated
  • Military Grade Materials
  • Local Customer Support
  • Unmatched Competitive Pricing
  • Family Run & Cared For

SGT KNOTS Dock Mate 2-Pack is strong, durable, and affordable.  Commonly used for marine activities, this rugged nylon bungee line can withstand the elements to provide practical uses while camping, fishing, hiking and in general, for life outdoors. 

The UV protected sheath allows flexibility without losing any of the bungee line versatility.  While not made of natural materials, the machine-sewn cover has the strength to endure the stress that is an integral part of life on the water.  From boats to jet ski and canoes, to hoisting and securing tents, cargo and even everyday chores, the right length and hardware is going to deliver the perfect amount of security.  This combination of strength and resistance with the shock absorption qualifies this line as durable and long-lasting for all your water (and outdoor) needs.  Choose between three options:  loop, loop and hook, or hook-and-hook dock mate.

When used appropriately, the 18" should stretch to about 42";  24" should stretch to about 54";  36" should stretch to about 78".


  • Color:  Black
  • Diameter:  1"
  • Lengths:  18, 24- and 36-inch variations
  • Shipped in packs of 2

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