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When horse and animal owners need long-lasting horse ropes in the right lengths and fun colors, they turn to SGT KNOTS.  We carry an incredible selection of Nylon Ropes, Polyester Ropes, and Polypropylene Ropes in various lengths to best suit your needs.  Shop today!

What is Equine Rope?

Also referred to as horse rope or lead rope, equine rope is often used as Halter Cord and leads for horses and other animals.  Horse rope is more commonly attached to a halter, but the lead may be integral to the halter or, more often, separate.  When separated, the rope is attached to the halter with a heavy clip or snap so that it can be added or removed as needed.

3 Ways SGT Knots Can Help You On The Farm!

SGT KNOTS horse rope is not only ideal for farm use, but as Theatrical Rope as well!  Our collection of horse ropes is great for onset and backstage tasks, including stage rigging.

Polypropylene Horse Ropes

Why Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is an excellent horse rope choice for many reasons.   First, polypropylene is a lightweight and very stretchy rope that is almost as strong as nylon rope, but at a much more affordable cost.  When braided or twisted, this horse rope is even stronger.

SGT KNOTS MFP Solid Braid Derby Rope is a lightweight all-purpose utility horse rope made with a high-tensile strength polypropylene.  This rope holds knots well while offering low-stretch and a high resistance to rot and moisture.  You will find this polypropylene derby horse rope to be more affordable than many nylon and polyester horse ropes.  Our polypropylene solid braid horse rope is available in multiple thicknesses, several lengths, colors, and styles, including the MFP Solid Braid Horse Lead!

Prefer a twisted horse rope over a braided rope?  We can help!  Our Twisted MFP Rope is a long-lasting synthetic alternative to natural fiber ropes which tend to easily absorb water and come apart.  This multi-purpose twisted polypropylene horse rope is an affordable alternative to nylon and polyester ropes that does not sacrifice performance for price.  It is soft to the touch, easy to splice, and made without hazardous chemicals or dyes, so you know you can trust it when working with animals.  If needed, this twisted polypropylene will float thanks to its buoyant nature.

Shop SGT KNOTS horse ropes today to get your hands on the long-lasting, durable, and ropes perfect for farm life!