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More About Barrier Rope

If you are looking for the best rope for outdoor rope applications, look no further than SGT KNOTS barrier rope!  We carry a great selection of Dyneema rope and hollow braided ropes made from lightweight and economical Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, and ProManila fibers.  Not sure what is the best rope for outdoor rope for your next project?  Let the SGT KNOTS Rope Guide help!

Barrier Rope by Material

Dyneema Rope

SGT KNOTS Hollow Braid Dyneema Rope is a general-purpose rope made from synthetic fibers 15 times stronger than steel on weight to strength ratio and lighter than a standard Paracord.  This is the best rope for outdoor rope applications requiring a tensile-strength capacity of up to 2500lbs and is commonly used for building things like whoopie slings, lift slings, guylines, towing lines, tie-downs, and more!  You will love the many diameters, lengths, and fun colors our Dyneema rope comes in to complement any project look.

Polyethylene Rope

Known as one of the most used plastics in the world today, polyethylene is a strong and water-resistant synthetic fiber ideal for everything from boating and marine applications to marking barriers along paths and trails or at golf courses, concert venues, and the job site.  

SGT KNOTS Hollow Braided Polyethylene Rope is a lightweight and economical reflective barrier rope that is virtually impenetrable by moisture.   It is one of the best ropes for outdoor ropes that need to stand up to abrasion, UV rays, weather, hot and cold temperatures, and chemicals.  Our hollow braided polyethylene barrier rope is available in 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” diameters, and lengths ranging from 25’ to 1000’.

Polypropylene Rope

Need a durable, long-lasting, cost-effective barrier rope designed to stand up to rot, mildew, abrasion, chemicals, water, and moisture? If so, SGT KNOTS Hollow Braided Polypropylene Rope is for you!  This highly flexible, lightweight plastic rope offers low stretch, making it one of the best synthetic barrier ropes for water-related tasks like creating swimming lane barriers, fishing, water skiing, or Creating a Pile Hitch.  Enjoy this rope in several diameters, lengths, and fun colors.

Nylon Rope

SGT KNOTS high-tenacity Hollow Braided Nylon Rope is made from nylon yarns that pack superior resistance to abrasion, UV rays, chemicals, oils, and weather, making it the ideal cord to throw in your bug out bag or backpack for camping, backpacking, hunting, or work on the farm.

ProManila Rope

SGT KNOTS Hollow Braided ProManila is a synthetic rope twisted braid natural ropes envy.  Though ProManila looks like a natural twisted Manila Rope, it works with all the functionalities of a standard polypropylene rope.  This all-purpose barrier rope is resistant to moisture, UV rays, oils, acids, alkalis, and chemicals and will not rot!  Shop this rope in 1/4” or 1/2” diameters and several lengths ranging from 25’ to 1000’.

When you need the best rope for outdoor rope applications of any kind, look to SGT KNOTS.   We are sure to have the right Rope and Cord products you need in the highest quality and at the best prices!