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Whether you need indestructible Kevlar for situations where high tensile strength and extreme-temperature performance are desired or polyester cord that can be easily knotted, tied, undone, and reused for years without damage, SGT KNOTS has the best selection of accessory cords in the lengths, widths, styles, and color options to suit any adventure.  Shop today!

What is an Accessory Cord Used For?

Our accessory cord is a small yet strong piece of cord that provides many uses for outdoor enthusiasts.  Smaller diameter cords are ideal for simply replacing a broken shoelace, whereas cords with a larger diameter are useful for anchor ropes in construction or mountain climbing.  In mountain climbing especially, the accessory cord is a simple component that is an essential part of your safety gear.

Accessory Cord Materials

Polyester Cord

Accessory cords are generally available as either polyester cords or nylon cords.  Polyester cord offers very high tensile strength and low stretch while being both pliant and easy to knot, which is why it makes a great Bungee Shock Cord!  For instance, SGT KNOTS Polyester Reflective Accessory Cord is a perfect polyester cord option for creating campsite boundaries, tent tie-downs, visible trail markers, tarping down a truckload of stuff, or for use at the docks.

Another great polyester rope option for everything from new bootlaces and crafting projects to camping and survival is the polyester-sheathed Spectra Accessory Cord.  This cord was created with a durable polyester cord sheath around a high-strength spectra core 15 times stronger than steel and about 40% stronger than Kevlar.  This super-strong, highly visible all-purpose accessory cord is extremely resistant to abrasion, UV degradation, and cutting, and will repel moisture while floating on the surface of the water.  Use this polyester cord for a range of indoor and outdoor activities without fail!

Looking for another great outdoor or marine polyester core option?  Dacron Polyester Accessory Cord is it!  Calling all landscape and lawn mower businesses!  If you are looking for a strong and reliable pull cord option to go the extra mile, SGT KNOTS Dacron Polyester Pull Cord is up for the challenge.

Nylon Cord

Nylon Accessory Cord is another popular accessory cord material choice that is resistant to abrasion while offering low stretch and great shock absorption.  Unlike polyester cord, nylon cord absorbs water, making it a better accessory cord option for land rather than at sea.  You will often find that nylon is used to create Paracord and both braided and twisted rope options for a variety of applications.  SGT KNOTS carries a great selection of military-grade Nylon Rope and cord products to best suit your needs.

Shop SGT KNOTS accessory cord products today for the best cord products you can get at unbeatable prices you will not believe!