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At SGT KNOTS, we take pride in delivering the Always Faithful Rope and Cord products at Always Faithful prices, and that is not all. Browse the SGT KNOTS blog today to discover the many different ways our rope and cord products can serve you in every mission life throws your way! Here, you will also find the helpful blog posts you need to spark inspiration for DIY rope projects, learn what rope is best for your mission with our Rope Guide, and try your hand at the most commonly used Knot Tutorials.

How To Make A Paracord Zipper Pull

How To Make A Paracord Zipper Pull

This simple little zipper pull doesn't need much introduction. It's an easy replacement when your original breaks. Or just replace all of your zipper pulls to easily carry some emergency paracord. The steps are laid out in the image below...

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SGT KNOTS Rope Guide

The SGT KNOTS rope guide is the ultimate source for learning about different rope materials like The Difference Between Jute and Hemp, and the best uses of rope based on your needs. You will learn about natural versus man-made ropes, and how these ropes are best suited for different applications and environments.

Discover New DIY Rope Craft Ideas & Rope Projects

You will also have access to countless rope projects and rope craft ideas to create at home, from cool rope tricks like how to make a Twisted Jute Table Runner, a Twisted Jute Bowl, a DIY Backyard Rope Swing, how to Sew with Nylon Thread.

Learn About the Best Fishing Knots & Water Sport Ropes

We did not stop at DIY rope projects! This blog also features a Beginner’s Guide to Fishing Knots, what you need to know about Wakeboard, Water Ski & Surf Ropes, Anchor Lead Chains, Quick Tips for Responsible Ice Fishing, and more!

Survival Paracord Uses, Tips, & Projects

As a veteran-owned and operated business, SGT KNOTS takes pride in our survival paracord products, and helpful blog posts on how to best use them. Throughout the SGT KNOTS blog, you will find helpful posts on How to Make a Paracord Bracelet and how that bracelet can be used in emergency situations, or How to Make a Paracord Dog Leash that will not fail! You will also find out exactly how to make a Paracord Axe Wrap, how to Build an A-Frame Shelter with Paracord, and much more!

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