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Product Feature: Twin Bed Connector Strap

Product Feature: Twin Bed Connector Strap

This bed joining solution is simple and reliable, with straps made from the same poly webbing used to secure on-the-road cargo and metal buckles that hold tension without any slipping. Tighten the straps, secure the buckle, and your two twin beds will function as a single king-sized bed frame as sturdy as though it were factory-made that way. When you want to separate the beds again, release the buckle with a single finger and the straps go slack, giving you all of the flexibility you need. All of our twin-to-king bed straps are made in the USA and 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee.

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For guest-room flexibility, apartments and older houses where king beds won't fit down the hallway, and other needs for adjustable sleeping accommodations, these twin bed bridges / bed straps are an easy and affordable solution.

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