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Product Feature: Hip Assist Sling

Product Feature: Hip Assist Sling

Large-breed dogs are some of the best companions mankind has ever had, but many larger dogs suffer from hip problems as they get older. Help your canine pal carry that weight with a comfortable, durable, adjustable Hip Assist Sling from SGT KNOTS®. Simply slip the straps into place, tighten for a firm yet comforting hold, and watch the bounce return to your pooch's step. We might not be able to turn them back into a puppy, but we can help them stay active and feel healthier with the Hip Assist Sling support.

The machine-washable SGT KNOTS® Hip Assist Sling for Large Dogs is made using heavy-duty nylon straps, with the body-strap area covered in sheepskin to ensure total comfort for your doggie pal. Designed to distribute weight more evenly along your dog's body and reduce strain on the hips, the adjustable straps fit a range of large-breed dogs and is an effective, affordable, and simple way to help alleviate your dog's hip problems.

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