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Paracord Axe Wrap

Paracord Axe Wrap

Wrapping your axe handle adds grip and provides you with emergency paracord in your time of need. This project took about 30 minutes, but that will vary depending on the size of your axe.

We like this wrap because it's quick release and looks attractive.


  • Paracord - (multicamo shown here) The length depends on the size of the handle. The wrap is made with a single cord so you can pull directly from a spool or hank.
  • Rubber band or small piece of cord to prevent cord from moving while you work.
  • Lighter & Scissors
  • Optional: but highly recommended, some beeswax to rub onto the handle

The steps are all laid out in one image below so you can save it for later.Axe Wrap Tutorial

An optional but recommended final step is to apply the beeswax. Dip the wrap in hot water and then rub beeswax onto it. This will make it more resistant to wear and sweat, in addition to providing a better grip. We will share a tutorial detailing those steps soon so make sure to follow us on Facebook (SGT KNOTS Supply Co) and Instagram (@sgtknots)!

Axe Wrap

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