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4 Crafty Tips to Spice Up Your Gift Wrapping

I know a lot you you are DIYers for projects large and small, and that getting the finishing touches just right is what makes you tick. While I'm more into the rugged side of things myself, I can appreciate a crafty and creative use of ingenuity. When you find the right material for the right job and apply it with skill and dedication, there's something to be proud of no matter what the goal.

So when it comes to gift wrapping this holiday season, why not go the extra mile? I've got a few ideas that can take your wrapping beyond the ordinary and let you show off a little skill, and the folks that get your gifts will appreciate the extra effort.

Tie Gifts with Twine for a Rustic Look

Looking for an alternative to those cheap ribbons? Tie up your gifts with twine instead! Used with plainer or more subdued gift wrap, some standard Jute twine can give your gifts a great rustic look that taps into the traditional spirit of the holidays. It's also available in green, if that fits better with your color scheme.

For something even more colorful and a little more refined, try some craft or "rosary" twine, available in a rainbow of colors.

Make Paracord Ribbons for Outdoor Enthusiasts

For the survivalist or hardcore outdoorsman on your list, substitute ribbons for paracord instead—it's likely to get a laugh, and the usefulness of a few extra feet of cord will also be appreciated. With plenty of colors and sizes to choose from, you'll be able to find one that suits their style exactly...

...even if they won't admit to having a style.

Use Gaff Tape for Colorful Gift Wrap and Closures

Want to wrap up your presents as securely as possible, but keep them easy to open at the same time? A roll or two of gaffer's tape ought to do you—pick any color you'd like! This cloth-backed tape has a soft yet sturdy feel that conforms to odd shapes and corners, and the adhesive holds tight yet peels off clean (and it's easy to tear, just like duct tape). Your gifts will definitely have a unique look and feel if you wrap with gaff!

You can also use strips of gaff tape to close the seams on your paper-wrapped presents, adding a pop of color that shows the extra effort. Gaff tape to and from labels are also a breeze, thanks to the tape's writable surface.

Wrap in Webbing for Two Gifts at Once

Make sure you only do this for someone who will appreciate it, but you can wrap a gift in yards of webbing and have fun watching the frustrating untying (these gag gift wraps are a tradition in some families—your results may vary). When they're done, they'll have the present you wrapped and the amazingly versatile gift of nylon webbing! Who could ask for more?

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