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SGT KNOTS Product Highlight: Mesh Bags

If you've been a SGT KNOTS fan for any length of time, you know that I think simplicity is a key part of a good product or tool. The fancier your gear gets, the more likely it is to break down or stop working properly, and when that happens in a survival situation that can leave you in a real pickle. Even in ordinary, everyday activities, having a complex tool that doesn't do what it's supposed to is incredibly frustrating, and of course the value of even the most expensive tool drops to zero if it won't do what you want it to do when you need it done.

That's why, from its very beginning, I've stocked my online store with the simplest yet most useful pieces of equipment I can find, all made of the highest-quality materials and at the most affordable prices around. At, you'll find gear that does the job it was created for, time and time again—things that are worth buying not despite their simplicity, but because of it.

That's why I'm happy to make my new mesh bags a part of the SGT KNOTS lineup.

Multi-Purpose Mesh Bags with 550 Paracord Drawstrings

As simple yet durable and reliable as they come, my mesh bags are made of high-strength polyester and are quickly opened and closed using a drawstring made of 550 paracord—giving you a length of emergency line to use as needed in an emergency, and providing a secure way to seal your bag up during normal use. Whether you need a breathable laundry bag for the gym or a way to keep your gear organized on a backpacking trip, this bag is up to the task, and at less than six bucks each you truly can't beat the price.

Each mesh bag is 12 x 15 inches, giving you a little more than two feet of 550 paracord in the drawstring, and with no zippers to snag, catch, or tear at the fabric of the bag itself. Again, simplicity is key; even something as seemingly uncomplicated as a zipper can increase the failure rate of this basic piece of equipment, so why bother with it? These bags are entirely made in the USA, as with all products found at, and are available in five colors: black, blue, red, orange, and green. Whether you want a bit of camouflage or need your bag to stand out in a crowd, we've got just what you need.

Stop Overpaying for Overloaded Gadgetry

Some might think it silly to promote a product with so few fancy features and such a low price (and profit margin). I think the lack of features and low price tag are huge advantages over what you'll find at "pro sports" shops, where you're paying for marketing and middlemen rather than the materials and gear you actually need. I hope you agree, and that you'll drop me a line if there's any product you'd like to see that I don't already offer.

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