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Summertime with Sgt. Knots

Summertime is in full swing, and there's no shortage of ways to celebrate. From backyard BBQs to backpacking through on of our nation's protected parks or wilderness areas, heading to your favorite swimming hole or scaling a mountain face that's long been on your bucket list, it's not hard to find the right outdoor activities for you and your family…

...or to find the right gear to make those activities the best they can be.

Quality, affordability, and reliability are the only things you really need when it comes to equipping yourself for the summer season. The fancy bells and whistles, the promises made in marketing materials that don't come to fruition, the ultra-expensive single-purpose tools and luxury items aimed at "outdoor enthusiasts" with more money than sense—those aren't for you. They end up weighing you down on your adventures rather than boosting you up, and that can make summer a real drag.

Summertime is All About Self-Fulfillment

Enjoying the great outdoors means using your strength, your wits, and your limited gear to have a great time without needing all of the consumer trappings that are increasingly a part of our everyday lives. It means leaving the solar-powered laptop and satellite-delivered Internet behind and playing in the surf, hanging from the cliffs, hiking up the trails, and staying safe while relying only on what fits in your pockets and a backpack…

...and sometimes not even that.

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm all for buying gear and making sure you have the necessary tools and supplies on hand. My time in the US Marine Corps and my civilian experiences camping, boating, and generally loving the wilderness and the water all made it perfectly clear that having the right gear can mean the difference between life and death. I started so people would have a place to go to get the high-quality things they need, whenever they need them,consistently and reliably.

That also means staying away from the profit-padding hype employed by many other outdoor-centric companies. I don't want to sell my customers loads of unnecessary gadgetry and low-quality goods masquerading as the latest and greatest. I want to help you make the most of your time outdoors, not have your time outdoors make the most for me. The best gear stays as invisible, lightweight, and out of the way as possible until you need it—high performance without the high price tag.

All You Need This Summer is SGTKNOTS

Whatever your plans for summer are, I'd love to be a part of them in some small way. From the fish you catch to the tents you pitch and all the hiking, swimming, climbing, and more that lies in between. Find just what you're looking for—or let me know if you need a hand—and make sure your next outdoor adventure goes off without a hitch. Then drop me a line and let me know how your summer went!

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