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All-Purpose Paracord's Virtually Limitless Potential

If you've been a SGTKNOTS fan for a little while, you probably know that paracord is a major player in my world. It's the product that got my business off the ground after proving its versatility and reliability to me time and time again as a U.S. Marine. When it comes to multitasking survival tools, paracord has everything else pretty much beat, and it has even more applications in the civilian world than in the military.

You can see my love for paracord's usefulness reflected in the array of paracord types and paracord-made products available at—it really can do almost anything, and I keep trying to think up new ways to put it to use. I could probably go on for days about every paracord-related item I have in my store, but I'll keep it brief and just give you a few of the highlights.

Learn the Basics Knot Tying Kit with Waterproof Reference Cards

I didn't earn the nickname "Sgt. Knots" for my goat herding capabilities. Knowing what to do with a piece of rope is just as important as having a piece of rope (or paracord) around to it with, and you'll get a handle on the most important basic knots with these step-by-step cards and three 6-foot lengths of pararcord stand-ins (3/16" double-braided poly rope and tubular nylon webbing). Tie, re-tie, and tie again, so when it's time for the real deal your hands know what to do.

Paracord Boot Laces

Forget broken laces, and forget overpriced alternatives that are full of promise but low on performance. Genuine US-made paracord (not as thick as 550 cord, but still more than strong enough to hold the tension in your boots), cut to the right length and given metal tips that won't slip off and let your laces free.

Boot laces have long been an important multi-tool for hikers, campers, and soldiers alike; paracord makes them that much more versatile and reliable.

Paracord w/Jute Strand - Fire Start Cord

I'm pretty pleased with this one—the original "fire cord," often imitated but never duplicated with the same simplicity and performance capability. Though it looks and acts like normal paracord on the outside, one of the inner strands of this cord is a natural jute fiber that's naturally flammable and quick-drying, too. With this paracord in your pack, emergency kindling is just an unsheathing away.

What Are Your Favorite Paracord Products and Uses?

Those are three of my favorite paracord applications—what are yours? You can chime in on Facebook, leave a comment here, or even send me an email (I actually read them, I promise). Let me know if there's something you'd like to see, or if you have a paracord story you think is worth sharing.

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