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SGT KNOTS Product Highlight: Zero Gravity Chair Lace Kit

Summer is here: the season sees more outdoor activity than any other, from wilderness enthusiasts and backyard BBQers alike. Sometimes, simply lounging in the sun or dozing off in the cooler evening air is the best activity of all, whether you're on your own patio or camped out far from home.

When it comes to semi-portable summer relaxation, it doesn't get much better than a high-quality "zero gravity" chair—a lightweight fabric-and-frame recliner that folds up easily for car transport but gives you better ergonomic support than most of the chairs you have in your home.

Seriously, if you haven't had a chance to stretch out on a zero gravity chair, check one out this summer. Your back will thank you for it.

There's one problem with there otherwise awesome camping chair alternatives: they break. A high quality zero gravity chair will have a sturdy frame and high strength fabric that will last for years, but even the best zero gravity chairs run into problems with the laces used to suspend the fabric to the frame. has the solution.

Replacement Laces Help Your Zero Gravity Chair Last Longer

A bad frame or weaker fabric can render a zero gravity chair worthless; when materials selection and the manufacturing process aren't major concerns for the company selling the chair, there's no quick fix available. Zero gravity chair laces are just going to wear out, though, no matter what material is used or how durable it is.

Because of the way zero gravity chairs are designed, the laces have to have a great deal of tensile strength—they have to be able to support the full body weight of the chair's occupant without breaking—while giving just the right amount of stretch for a comfortable and ergonomic lounging experience. The chair's laces will also be subjected to a great deal of friction, however, as every movement made by someone sitting in the chair will cause the laces to rub slightly back-and-forth or up-and-down in their eyelets. This is what typically causes the laces to wear down and eventually break.

There simply isn't a material other than polyester shock or "bungee" cord that meets all of the necessary criteria for a great zero gravity chair, so worn-out laces that need replacing is simply a cost of ownership for even the best chairs around.

With the zero gravity chair lace replacement kit, that cost gets a whole lot lower without sacrificing quality even one whit. The extra-heavy polyester cover gives you the most protection possible against wear-causing friction, meaning you'll go longer before needing another replacement set, and the 16 available colors ensure you'll find replacement laces that keep your zero gravity chair as sleek and stylish as ever.

Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Laces Now 25% OFF

To celebrate the summer, I've knocked 25% off Zero Gravity Style Chair Universal Replacement Lace Kit. Made in the USA from only the best materials, these laces will have you sitting pretty for years. Click here to order and save!

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