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Managing Your Paracord

If you're reading this, you probably don't need me to tell you (again) how awesome paracord is. Strong, lightweight, affordable, and most of all versatile, 550 paracord is great in a pinch or in a planned project, whether it's a wilderness application or something a little closer to home.

One thing I've seen some frustration with, though—both in my own projects and in talking to many of my customers—is keeping paracord well-managed. As useful as it is once it's deployed, keeping it around in an organized fashion so that the deployment itself is easy can be a challenge.

Keeping short lengths of paracord on hand for emergency situations isn't difficult; paracord keyfobs, braceletes, and other goods serve a purpose in and of themselves and keep your paracord conveniently at the ready. For longer lengths, though, paracord management that keeps your 550 cord compact and easy to carry yet ready for action at any moment is a little more difficult.

Making Bulk Paracord Easier to Manage

When you have a project that requires a single length of a hundred feet or more of paracord, keychains and zipper-pulls aren't quite going to cut it. Bulk 550 cord spools of 500 feet or more are heavy and difficult to use, though, requiring you to cut off the length you need and keep it tangle-free until it's time to get tying. If you're cutting your cord off-site and away from your actual project, the added problem of mis-measurement creates an additional hassle.

It might seem like a minor issue, but when you have that particular paracord project in mind and have to continually deal with loose loops of cord—or a way-too-large and decidedly unwieldy spool—finding the perfect balance seems like the hunt for the holy grail.

So, in response to customer requests and my own understanding of current paracord management shortcomings, I'm happy to now be offering 200' spools of 550 paracord, delivering the best of both worlds: more substantial single lengths of high-quality, high-strength paracord in a convenient and easily-deployable mechanism. Portable, manageable, and plentiful, without the weight and cumbersome quality of larger bulk paracord spools.

Same Great Paracord, New Spool Size

The 550 paracord I have available in 200-foot spools is the exact same quality of cord sold in bulk sizes and in smaller hanks of cord, and is available in a variety of colors to suit any style and application. The only difference is the length of the cord and the easily-deployable spool it's been wound around, both of which add to the convenience of this paracord for moderate-length applications.

Have any questions, or suggestions for other paracord-related products that could make your life easier? I'm always looking for ways to make the gear at even better and easier to use, so drop me a line any time!

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