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Cotton Rope Pulled This Nautical Wedding Off Without a Hitch

Selecting the right materials for a boat restoration project is always essential, but when the end product needs to be both functional and look good enough for your daughter's wedding, you've got a tall order in front of you.

Fortunately for Larry Steimle and his clan, Sgt. Knots was here to help!

Boat Renovation with a Twist

With his daughter's wedding coming up and a nautical-themed reception well into the planning phases, Larry Steimle of Arcadia, CA saw the perfect opportunity to finally finish a long-postponed restoration project: taking his dad's 1938 10' lapstrake dinghy and making it shine like new—and making it seaworthy (or at least lakeworthy) again, too. The intergenerational vessel would be perfect for this family affair, and this heirloom from yesteryear could be used to collect tomorrow's heirlooms, too, with guests dropping off their presents in the boat as they entered the reception.

Creating an authentic-looking—and fully functional—rub rail was proving difficult, though. Larry knew he needed a twisted cotton rope to run around the boat's perimeter, but the initial sample he requested from Sgt. Knots was a bit too soft for his liking. Never one to give up, he fired off an email asking if there was anything to be done. And because I actually know and have personally used ALL of the products you'll find on the Sgt. Knots site, I was able to get right back to him with the perfect answer.

Nautical ropes can serve all kinds of purposes, and twisted cotton rope needs to be a bit more supple when used as a mooring line or in other uses where it needs to be tied and re-tied, looped or wound through pulleys, or otherwise handle the flexible tasks of an onboard rope. As a rub rail, though, a somewhat harder rope offers better and longer-lasting protection without the rope snagging or shifting, and it's totally possible to achieve this function without sacrificing the wedding-perfect look of plain white twisted cotton.

Water-Proofing for Wedding Photo Perfection

Stiffening up that twisted cotton rope without losing the look he purchased it for was as easy for Larry as soaking it in a waterproofing solution, then letting it dry out for a couple weeks. He tacked it to the dinghy's edge using liquid nails, clamping it into place while the adhesive dried, and presto! A professional-looking rub rail that will stand the test of time, allowing him to continue passing his dad's boat down for generations to come.

It wasn't all about that rope, of course. Larry did a fantastic job restoring this boat all around, and he sent us some pictures that we're proud to show off! Take a look at the finish he got on the interior, that clean paint job all around, and a set of adorable grandkids thrown in just for fun.

Thanks for sharing the story of your Sgt. Knots success and your happy family occasion! Glad to have played even a small part in helping this all come together for you.

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