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Natural Fiber Fire Cord that Never Quits

You know all about the usefulness and versatility of paracord. You also know that SGT KNOTS is committed to bringing you the best products around, by using the highest-quality materials and coming up with new ways to make them even more useful, convenient, and reliable.

It was with that aim in mind that we produced our first multi-use, multi-fiber paracord years ago. This was standard 550 paracord with a twist: the interweaving of other fibers inside the same sheathing as the standard six paracord strands, providing a variety of additional uses without reducing any of the paracord capabilities you know and love.

One of the additions to this multi-use paracord we developed was a strand of natural fiber jute twine, a highly effective and reliable source of kindling. The emergency fire-starting capabilities of this cord proved one of the most popular features of our extended-capability paracord, so we're rolling out a new fire-starting paracord that's pared down to the essentials.

Fire-Starting Paracord and the SGT KNOTS Difference

Since our first multi-use paracord was first made available, several similar products have been released by other makers. Frankly, we've been less than impressed.

Newly available fire cords have been especially disappointing. Using fibers with low-flammability and soaking them in mineral oil, these cords are more expensive and less reliable—not only does the mineral oil's effectiveness fade over time, but if the cord gets wet it washes away, instantly making your "enhanced" paracord useless when it comes to starting a fire.

Hardly the kind of product you can count on in an emergency or survival situation.

Add in the fact that you'll need to keep your cord separated from all of your other gear if you don't want your entire pack smelling like mineral oil, and you have all the reasons you need to avoid this gimmick. If it isn't reliable, convenient, and simple to use, it's just one more expensive product aimed at those who don't know any better.

SGT KNOTS fire-starting paracord is as simple and reliable as it gets: your standard six-stranded paracord with natural, untreated and unsmelly jute twine packed into the same outer sheath. Quick-drying and still flammable no matter how many times it gets wet, this is kindling you can count on in any situation, no matter how long its been in your pack or what environment you're in.

You can do anything with this fire cord that you would with traditional 550 paracord—not only is it incredibly flexible and functional, but you can also attach it to your gear or stash it away in your pack without stinking everything up. Whether you braid it into an always-on-hand bracelet, put it on a zipper pull, or just loop up a length for easy access, your fire-starting capabilities will be there and ready to use without worry.

Fire-Starting Paracord That's Military Grade and Great for Everyone

Like everything made by SGT KNOTS—a proudly veteran-owned business—our fire cord is manufactured using top-quality materials right here in the USA. Even so, it's more affordable than the inferior products on the market. We're in business to bring you the best, not to charge you a bundle then cut and run.

Get the emergency fire-starting capability you need before you need it, and be prepared for any situation with your jute-enhanced paracord.

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