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paracord diamond knot or lanyard knot tutorial

How to Tie a Lanyard Knot / Diamond Knot

Also known as the diamond knot, friendship knot, Bosun’s Whistle knot, and knife lanyard knot, the lanyard knot is used to create a fixed, decorative loop at the middle of a small cord (like a Paracord) or Rope.  The lanyard knot is commonly applied to lanyards, paracord, leather, and rope. 

Today, we will walk you through how to tie a lanyard knot (diamond knot) using the SGT KNOTS Paracord 550 Type III so you can become a diamond knot-tying pro in no time!


Diamond Knot Tutorial

How to Tie a Diamond Knot/Lanyard Knot

The two-strand diamond knot shown above in a single strand can be made with two ropes or a single rope.  Though it looks hard to tie at first, it becomes easy and quick with practice.

  1. Begin by making a loop and circling it with the rope.
  2. Tuck part of the rope through the loop.
  3. Pass the end through the newly formed loop.
  4. Take it up.
  5. Pass it through the first loop.
  6. Take the other rope end through the loop.
  7. Hold the big loop and pull the ends to tighten.
  8. Your diamond knot is made!

Best Cord & Ropes for Tying a Diamond Knot/Lanyard Knot

While Paracord Diamond Knots and Paracord Lanyard Knots are extremely popular, there are a few other great diamond knot rope options out there you can use, including Nylon Rope, Polyester Rope, and Polyethylene Rope.  These ropes are great at holding knots and can be used in several different settings, both indoor and out.

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