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Tendon Master TeFix 9.7 Dynamic Rope - CE and UIAA Certified - Dry Treated

by Tendon

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Tefix technology bonds the core to the sheath with a patented technique that uses thin fibers to fuse the two layers together.  Having a Tefix bond to the core ensures that the rope will not have any sheath slippage or milking.  The sheath is a single braid system (as apposed to a twin braid system) which provides an incredible level of durability and make the rope feed smoother through belay devices. The handling on this rope is fantastic and leaves nothing to be desired. Who says a workhorse can’t look good!

  • TeFIX technology permanently fuses the core and the sheath of the rope. This give the rope 0% sheath slippage, which prevents any milking of the sheath. The bonded core also increases the ropes durability and handling
  • UIAA CERTIFIED: Our Master TeFIX 9.7 Rope is certified by the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation), ensuring it meets rigorous safety standards and performance requirements for climbing equipment. All Tendon dynamic ropes are tested to check for UIAA compliance.
  • SIMPLE BRAID SYSTEM (SBS): A process where each strand is plaited separately into the sheath construction and not in tandem. SBS braiding makes the sheath surface much more compact. Another benefit is the sheath will have a smoother feel, easier handling through belay devices, and reduces abrasion.
  • COMPLETE SHIELD: Our Master TeFIX 9.7 Complete Shield dry treatment protects the rope from moisture absorption. With the complete shield, the rope has a dry sheath and a dry core treatment.
  • MIDPOINT: Master TeFIX 9.7 Rope is marked at the midpoint, allowing for easy identification and efficient rope management during climbs and when rappelling.


Technical data

  • Rope diameter (mm) 9.7
  • Weight (g/m) 61
  • Number of UIAA falls 8
  • Max impact force (kN) 8.2
  • Sheath slippage (%) 0
  • Static elongation (%) 8.0
  • Dynamic elongation (%) 35
  • Knotability 0.8
  • CE 1019 yes
  • EN 892 yes