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Tendon Master Pro 9.7 - UIAA and CE Certified Dry Treated Dynamic Rope for Rock Climbing

by Tendon

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With the Tendon Master Pro 9.7 rock climbers can enjoy the ultimate combination of protection, durability, ease of use, and safety. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and high-performing rope for their climbing pursuits.

COMPLETE SHIELD: Complete Shield Dry Treatment provides an extra layer of protection against moisture and dirt. This treatment ensures the rope remains dry, lightweight, and reliable even in wet or muddy conditions, enhancing its durability and performance.

SIMPLE BRAID SYSTEM (SBS): A process where each strand is plaited separately into the sheath construction and not in tandem. SBS braiding makes the sheath surface much more compact. Another benefit is the sheath will have a smoother feel, easier handling through belay devices, and reduces abrasion.

COMPACT ENDS: Designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, the Tendon Master Pro 9.7mm features compact ends. These narrower ends make threading through carabiners and devices smoother and more effortless, allowing for quicker and more efficient setup during your climbing adventures.

MIDPOINT: The Tendon Master Pro 9.7 includes a midpoint marker for added convenience and safety. This visible marker allows climbers to easily identify the center of the rope, facilitating rappels, rope management, and efficient rope usage during both ascent and descent.

  • Technical data
  • Sheath slippage (%) -0.4
  • CE 1019 yes
  • Rope diameter (mm) 9.7
  • Number of UIAA falls min 9
  • Max. impact force (kN) 8.4
  • Static elongation (%) 9.8
  • Dynamic elongation (%) 30
  • EN 892 yes
  • Weight (g/m) 65