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ARMBURY Domes Carabiner Screw Lock


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ARMBURY Heavy Duty Carabiner Large Dome Steel Carabiner for Climbing D Shape Carabiner Hook Gate Lock Caribiner Perfect for Rappelling,Rock Climbing,Rappelling Gear,Outdoor 

Armbury Domes Carabiners are D-shaped and made of a light alloy with catch-free noses for smoother clipping and unclipping.  The asymmetric shape significantly increases the strength making it ideal for belaying, hauling, and rescue maneuvers. These carabiners are available with a screw lock gate, twist-lock gate, or triple lock gate.

  • 112mm x 75mm, 84g, 22mm gate clearance, 25kN major axis strength

        CE - EN 12275 - EN 362 - UIAA

  • SUPERB OPTION. Different climbing environments require various kinds of equipment. One such tool is carabiners and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some carabiners have a specific purpose while some are for general use. Determining the type of climb will help you choose which carabiner you need. The ARMBURY Climbing Dome Screw Lock Gate Carabiner is an excellent choice if you're looking for a locking carabiner.

  • ESSENTIAL TOOL. At its core, carabiners are used to connect ropes to equipment or join two or more pieces of equipment together. Carabiners are the linchpin in your climbing system. Screw lock gate carabiners are recommended for use on points where it's crucial that the gate won't open. Although heavier than others, screw gates are more secured because of their locking mechanism.

  • PEACE OF MIND. Our ARMBURY Climbing Dome Screw Lock Gate Carabiner is ergonomic and full-sized. They are constructed with the classic D-shape in a light alloy with a catch-free nose for smooth clipping and unclipping. The asymmetric shape significantly increases the strength. Designed with a rotating tube that spirals around a screw thread, this type of carabiner is ideal for belaying, hauling, and rescue activities.

  • CERTIFIED SAFE. Our carabiners meet safety requirements relevant to European regulations as well as those of the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Foundation).

  • OUR BRAND ARMBURY is all about health, freedom, adventure, athleticism, and mental fortitude. Our team of expert climbers and professionals communicate with and translate users’ concepts into successful products with improvements in functionality. With our passion for climbing and the complexities of working at height and difficult access, we are able to support our customers by building reliable, high-quality products that meet the rigorous standards for safety assurance.