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Polypropylene Webbing - Light Weight - 2 in

$ 29.95
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SGT KNOTS Polypropylene webbing is a great economical webbing for arts and crafts that's also tough enough for utility use. Polypropylene is perfect for outdoor use, with decent UV and mildew resistance. It resists acid, alkalies, oil, and grease better than nylon webbings, and will not stretch or color-bleed when wet. While not as strong as nylon or polyester webbings in terms of break-strength, Polypropylene is easier to sew, cut, and fold, and is much less expensive. In short, it's an excellent value for many applications, from light duty tie-down straps to craft projects to do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs around the house. For a softer yet stronger webbing, see our listing for SGT KNOTS Heavy Nylon Webbing.

  • Polypropylene webbing available in either Lightweight (LW), or Heavyweight (HW) thicknesses. LW has a thickness of 0.040”, HW has a thickness of 0.060”
  • 2" tensile strength of 1200 lbs and a working load limit of 400 lbs.
  • Polypropylene will not stretch or color-bleed when wet.
  • Supple, colorful, inexpensive, and easy to sew.
  • Available in lengths of 1 yard – 100 yards
  • Backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee

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