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Twisted Co-Polymer Polypropylene Rope

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    • 3-strand co-polymer polypropylene rope
    • Excellent resistance to moisture, UV, abrasion, and other wear
    • 40% stronger than standard polypropylene ropes; 3x performance life
    • Available in a range of sizes/strengths; lengths of 600, 1,200, or 2,400 feet (coiled or spooled)
    • 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee
Commercial fisherman know their rope better than anyone. That's why discerning crews reach for SGT KNOTS® 3 Strand Co-Polymer (Steel Strand) Polypropylene Rope when their livelihood is on the line. The addition of high modulus polyethylene resins in a strict, tight-tolerance manufacturing process leads to fibers roughly 40% stronger than standard polypropylene, and a rope that delivers superior performance in every way.

This three-strand co-polymer rope is extremely resistant to moisture and mildew, and can even be stored wet without any problem. It also offers high resistance to UV radiation, and also stands up to abrasion and other wear from day-to-day use better than standard polypropylene ropes. All told, you're looking at a rope expected to last three times longer than a standard line in heavy-use conditions like fishing boats and other marine applications. Ropes in less heavy rotation on the ranch or used with cargo on dry land, and this might be the last rope you'll ever buy.

SGT KNOTS® 3 Strand Co-Polymer (Steel Strand) Polypropylene Rope is available in a range of sizes, from 1/4-inch with approximately 1,710 lbs. of breaking strength to 2" with a minimum break strength of 78,000 lbs. Elongation is approximately 18% at the breaking point. Cobalt blue in color and with an excellent grip for use as a hand line, this co-polymer line is sold in lengths of 600 feet and delivered either coiled or spooled. SGT KNOTS®proud to be a veteran-owned companyis committed to bringing you the highest quality ropes at the best available prices, and this 3 Strand Co-Polymer (Steel Strand) Polypropylene Rope is no exception.

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