Twins 2 King Bed Strap

$ 14.95

SGT KNOTS Twins to King Bed Strap allows you to strap two twin beds together to create a king size mattress. Two twin beds become a king sized bed. Strap includes metal buckle to ensure a firm hold and long term use. This instant Bed Connector is for all size twin beds, with unique safety strap to keep beds safely together! It's super easy! Just put the beds together, position the mattress strap around the top and sides of the mattresses, and tighten the buckle It's as simple as that. It's Secure! The design of the buckle means that the bed will never come undone in the night. The buckle is strong and durable. Twins to King keeps beds together as long as you desire. Durable, washable, and non-allergenic.

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