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Tendon Static NFPA 11mm- UIAA and CE Certified RFID Embedded Durable Polyamide Rope - Perfect For Work At Height

by Tendon

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Engineered to meet and exceed National Fire Protection Association's standards, these ropes are a testament to Tendon's steadfast commitment to quality. Designed for professionals in search and rescue, firefighting, work at height, and other demanding applications, Tendon NFPA Static Ropes provide unparalleled durability and reliability. Tendon NFPA static ropes are dependable lifelines that provide unwavering confidence in challenging situations.

Static ropes often have to be replaced. Work regulations may have you switch out your ropes on a regular basis, and with Tendon’s RFID chips to help track the lifespan of your ropes, that can be easy! Using TeNote, you can track all of your ropes lifespan, inspection dates, and more!

Crafted from robust Polyamide material, these ropes are built to last, delivering longevity and strength. A strong sheath protects the rope from wear and tear, while the core has a high breaking strength that should make you feel comfortable on the job. Maintaining a 38% relative mass of the sheath, our ropes are designed for durability, reducing wear and tear during repeated use.

Technical data

  • Diameter – 11mm
  • Diameter - .433”
  • Min. breaking strength – 40.5kN
  • Min. breaking strength – 9105 lbs
  • Weight – 83g/m
  • Elongation at 10% MBS – 8.4%
  • Elongation at 1.35 kN (300LBF) – 3.6%
  • Elongation at 2.7kN (600LBF) – 6.2%
  • Elongation at 4.4kN (1000LBF) – 9.5%
  • NFPA 2500 – YES
  • Classified – General Use
  • Carrier - 48
  • Manufactured in Czech Republic