All Gear Polyester Arborist Climbing Rope

$ 159.95
  • polyester
  • Professional grade polyester arborist climbing line / safety rope
  • High tensile strength and abrasion resistance for consistent performance
  • Brightly colored and patterned for easy identification in the truck or in the tree
  • Available in a variety of sizes/strengths and lengths up to 600'
  • Made in the USA by ALL GEAR and sold by SGT KNOTS

Safety comes first for any experienced arborist, and that means you should reach for the first name in safety ropes. ALL GEAR Polyester Arborist Climbing Line is the industry-tested and professional-approved safety line when you're tree trimming, prepping to bring a tree down, or doing any other climbing where your life depends on your rope.

ALL GEAR Polyester Arborist Climbing Line comes in bright colors for easy spotting and identification, and a variety of widths and strengths that, along with your harness, will ensure your safety in the event of a spike slip or other fall from the arboreal heights. Our Forest Pro is a 12-strand, 1/2" (12.5mm) rope with 7,300 lbs average tensile strength; the Safetylite is a 16-strand 1/2" (12.4mm) line with 7,500 lbs tensile strength, and our Cherry Bomb safety rope is 24 strands at 7/16" (11.5mm) in width and 6,300 lbs of tensile strength.

Whichever rope is right for your job, you can safely put your trust in ALL GEAR Polyester Arborist Climbing Line, sold on exclusively by SGT KNOTS—proud to be a veteran-owned company. In lengths of 120', 150', and 200' coils as well as a 600' spool, you now have an affordable and convenient source for top-of-the-line safety rope for your arborist business.


ALL GEAR Polyester Arborist Climbing Line

Name : Strands : Diameter : Metric : Average Tensile Strength

Forestry Pro : 12-Strand : 1/2” : 12.5 mm : 7,300 lbs.

Safetylite : 16-Strand : 1/2” : 12.4 mm : 7,500 lbs.

Cherry Bomb : 24-Strand : 7/16” : 11.5 mm : 6,300 lbs.

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