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WD-Safety Sunglasses Mil-Spec Paracord Lanyard Retainer

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Keep your sunglasses and an extra length of multi-use paracord always close to hand with these new, one-of-a-kind SGT KNOTS® sunglasses straps or sunglass lanyards. Hiking, cycling, heading out on the water, or hitting the slopes, you'll keep your solar shades in easy reach and have some emergency paracord ready as a tie line, too. And with the multiple colors and patented silicone loops for your specs, you'll be at the cutting edge of style and technology when it comes to eyewear protection.

Sunglasses lanyards-straps to keep your glasses hanging around your neck when not in use have been around for a while. SGT KNOTS® is the only company offering the newest advancement in these simple straps: Military Spec 5040H Type III paracord attached to patented silicone tips that have small, medium, and large openings guaranteed to fit snugly over the arms of your favorite pair(s) of sunglasses.