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Paracord 550 Type III - 200ft & 1000ft - Spool

$ 19.95
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Nylon paracord or 550 paracord is invaluable stuff. Versatile, durable, lightweight and strong, it's up to pretty much any task, except it's not always the easiest thing to use in long lengths.  Bulk spools of 500, and even 1,000-feet of paracord are great if you can leave them in place and unroll as needed, but when you need to move around with a hundred feet or more of paracord they're too heavy and too cumbersome to make for easy use.

Loose 550 cord is always an option, but more than 100 feet of any kind of cord or rope and you start to get into other handling issues.  Dropped loops and tangles don't help the job move faster, and even though nylon paracord doesn't get unintentionally knotted with ease it can still snag, twist, and become an intertwined mess when it isn't properly stowed.

This cord of high-quality, full-strength 550 paracord is the best of both worlds.  A single length of nylon paracord that's long enough for almost any task, on a lightweight spool that makes it easy to manage.  Your days of loose tangles and woes of unwieldy, oversized spools are over; this paracord is plentiful, convenient, and controllable!