Mesh Shoe Bag Made in USA

$ 12.95

  • Polyester mesh shoe bag with heavy-duty nylon backing
  • Allows shoes to air dry while containing dirt
  • Great for camping, athletic shoes, and dress shoes
  • 11" by 14" with a US 550 paracord drawstring for closure and hanging
  • Made in the USA and backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee


Whether you're trying to dry out your golf cleats while making your way to the course, storing your wingtips after a rainstorm, or trying to keep the football field out of the rest of your house, SGT KNOTS Mesh Shoe Bag is here to help. The polyester mesh allows your footwear to dry out, while the heavy-duty nylon bottom keeps moisture and dirt away from your other gear, your luggage, and your home's floor. You and your feet get the best of all worlds, with your shoes contained and protected but still free to dry out and get ready for your next adventure.

Measuring 11" by 14", each SGKT KNOTS Mesh Shoe Bag is roomy enough to accommodate one pair of shoes—including dress shoes, cycling shoes, and athletic shoes and cleats—as well as some low-cut hiking boots. The drawstring, made of military grade 550 paracord, makes it easy to secure this shoe bag to a backpack, traveling suitcase, or anywhere else you find convenient, allowing your shoes to dry up and air out while the nylon backing keeps any dirt from touching your other stuff.

Keep the baseball diamond—and the soccer pitch—where they belong. SGT KNOTS Mesh Shoe Bag is made with durable, affordable, and machine-washable materials to give you a convenient and hygienic way to handle your shoes. Made in the USA and, as with all products sold by SGT KNOTS—a veteran-owned company—this shoe bag is 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee.


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