Hattrick 9.7mm Dynamic Single Climbing Rope

by Tendon
$ 119.64

The Tendon Hattrick 9.7 is an ultra premium dynamic single rope for climbing and mountaineering. The four layer structure makes this rope ideal for high-wear situations where durability and safety are paramount. Suitable for beginners and experienced climbers. Meets strict requirements for certification under the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation).

Diameter: 9.7mm.
Length: 60 and 70 meters.
Color: Green/Blue.
Sheath slippage: 0%.
Static elongation: 9.0%.
Dynamic elongation: 29%.
Max impact force: 8.4 kN or approximately 1,888 pound-force.
Minimum number of UIAA approved falls: 5.

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