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Canvas Laundry Bag

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  • Veteran Owned & Operated
  • Military Grade Materials
  • Local Customer Support
  • Unmatched Competitive Pricing
  • Family Run & Cared For

SGT KNOTS heavy-duty Canvas Laundry Bag is a large size duffel sack versatile enough to use for all your gear: gym clothes, camping equipment, sports equipment, work tools, and more!  Designed to conquer both the city and the outdoors.  The thick and durable canvas lining protects your belongings from abrasion, dirt, and dust, while the simple and stylish design makes this the perfect bag for urban commuters.  The paracord drawstring tie-off allows quick and easy access to your gear at any time and ensures a secure hold while traveling.  We have added a shoulder strap for convenience and comfort on long-distance treks.


  • Colors:  Gray,  and Olive Green
  • Measurements:  35 inches x 21 inches (35L x 21W)

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