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Braided Spectra Bowfishing Line

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Few outdoor sports require the precision, skill, and dedication as bowfishing. You've spent countless hours perfecting your bow-bound angling, and each time you draw back on your bow you're drawing on all of your experience, too. Don't you want bowfishing line that's just as prepared, reliable, and perfected? SGT KNOTS® SuperStrong Braided SpectraTM Bowfishing Line is guaranteed to perform at the highest level each and every time, keeping your target on the line and making it easy to reel.

Spectra or high performance polyethylene line has long been the preferred bowfishing line amongst expert archer-anglers. SGT KNOTS® SuperStrong Braided Spectra Bowfishing Line is the highest quality Spectra line around, with braided fibers to eliminate stretch and ensure strong and consistent performance for years of spooling, shooting, reeling, and shooting again. At 200lb. test, this line might not be right for going after gators, but most freshwater fish are fair game for your bowfishing adventures.

The manufacturing process used to produce this Spectra bowfishing line imbues it with a proprietary blend of resins to enhance its already-incomparable strength-to-diameter ratio and reduce its virtually non-existent stretch. Compared to traditional "Super Lines," this braided Spectra line has 15% greater knot strength and 8-10% greater tensile strength. So-called "air knots" and "wind knots" are also problems of the past, and the SGT KNOTS® SuperStrong Braided Spectra Bowfishing Line won't delaminate, is resistant to abrasion and completely smooth.

Available in green, white, or yellow on spools of 100 feet, SGT KNOTS® SuperStrong Braided Spectra Bowfishing Line is ready to serve all of your. Made right here in the USA and sold by SGT KNOTS®-proud to be a veteran-owned company-this bowfishing line is made without compromise on materials or values. And of course, this Spectra Bowfishing Line is backed by the SGT KNOTS® guarantee.

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