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Braided Polyester Mason Line

$ 16.95

SGT KNOTS® Braided Dacron Polyester Mason Line is a premium quality twine with exceptional durability and resistance. Our polydac mason twine is available in an assortment of colors you won’t find anywhere else. Professional grade dacron polyester provides enhanced resistance to moisture, UV ray degradation, chemicals, oils, and abrasion. This is a low stretch, moderate strength line with a breaking strength of 150 pounds. This specialized mason line is highly versatile and excels in crafting, construction, camping, survival, and a wide range of other indoor and outdoor activities.  

Product Features:

  • High Grade Dacron Polyester.
  • Braided construction for enhanced abrasion resistance.
  • Breaking strength of 150 lbs.
  • Size #18.
  • Available in lengths of 450 feet and 900 feet.

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